Laodicea is in such bad shape that Jesus has nothing positive to say. . . .Jesus counsels the church to buy from Him three things. . . . That these items are not available for free indicates that the Laodiceans must give something in exchange for what they need. What they must surrender is their pride, complacency, and self-sufficiency in order to receive the riches of Christ.

Jesus has not given up on them and is doing everything possible to make them realize their condition and break the chains of self-sufficiency. The only remedy is true repentance and a fresh start with Christ. . . .

The self-sufficiency and lukewarm attitude of Laodicea echoes our own condition. We struggle with authenticity and doing more than simply going through the motions The times are urgent, and we face political, religious, and secular upheaval not experienced by previous generations. Christ's warning to Laodicea is a direct message to us and has far-reaching implications for all who live at the close of earth's history.

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